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by Rozani


Bienvenidos! Benvenuto! Willkommen! Bienvenue!

Welcome to all mask making enthusiasts. Here, you will find a variety of mask styles for wearing and decorating. There are examples of plain and decorated masks to include plastic forms.  The resulting papier maché masks and forms are handmade by me in different varieties. Forms and blanks are available with no minimum purchases. Discounts are available for quantity purchases of one dozen or more. Inquiries are welcomed for plume and feather purchases. All inquiries, to include  international ones are always welcomed, though I am fluent only in English and Spanish.

Stemmed - $15.00 - $25.00 Elasticized - $5.00 - $15.00 Sculpted Papier Mache - Assorted $15.00 - $50.00

Choose from a variety of masks as well as forms. Styles are basic or stylized. A variety of plumes are for sale.  These include, but are not limited to, ostrich and pheasant. No feathers from endangered species were used in the styling of these masks. Colors and styles may vary upon availability. Please check back for updates. See additional descriptions below:

 Mask forms are a lightweight and flexible acrylic-like shell. They sustain the weight of papier mache and/or decorations. Plumage varies in size and colors upon availability. Please note additional styles below.

Forms and Plumage

Half Mask - $1.50

Full Face - $4.00

Pheasant $3.00 (S) - $6.00 (L).
Ostrich $3.00 (S) $6.00 (L)

MACHÉ BLANKS  & STEMS ($2.50 - $15.00) - Paint or enhance them.  Imperfect texture as in strip maché.


Galleria Rozani - Rozani's gallery for viewing papier maché and decorated masks.

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PLACE AN ORDER - I accept PayPal as well as Cashier's Checks & Money Orders.  Inquiries are welcomed.  Discounts for quantities of one dozen or more of each item.  Just e-mail me for totals, shipping terms and mailing address.  Thank you.

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