Rozani's Bodice & WeddingPage

Thank you for stopping by to share some of my bodice making ideas. Due to many requests for wedding gowns, I have developed these uncomplicated patterns. The bodice in itself is a versatile garment which can be turned into different styles with some creativity and good sewing skills.  Herein are shown variations of styles that have been adapted to styles suitable for events or weddings.

Here are examples of my bodice patterns which can be adapted for many uses.  Choose from a Bolero Bodice for a Florentine style or an elongated bodice for Elizabethan looks.  Last, but not least are variations for Wedding Themes.  Please continue on this page for selections.

Enjoy making these bolero style gowns as maiden's wear or wedding gowns in various colors or fabrics. Neckline variations are marked on the bodice pattern for straight or scooped versions. Originally a bolero, the vest can be left open or made with eyelets for a laced closure. It can also be clasped by a brooch or fasteners of your choice.

Italian Renaissance Look (2 overdresses & Laced Bodice worn over chemises)

Bodice has three (3) pieces consisting of two (2) sides and one (1) back (plus lining). Overdress instructions are included with pattern.

Made from the "Rozbod" Bolero Bodice Pattern ($10)

Test your designing skills and embellish these basic styles with trim. Great with attached false sleeves for a High Renaissance look. Choose brighter colors or tapestry prints to achieve different looks.

Elizabethan Look (front and back views)

Back and sides are all in one. Total of three (3) pieces (plus lining) joined with seams at front sides. Shown without boning. Back has eyelets for lacing. Can accommodate a busk or boning.

Made from the "Rozbod" Busk Bodice Pattern ($15)

Wedding Variations on a Theme


Lady's Gown is shown with fitted bodice that is slightly off the shoulder. Small looped buttons close down the back.   It  is a one piece garment with a low princess styled bodice that peaks below the hipline.  The skirt has a sheer layer. The veiled headpiece has two lengths.  The back portion trails in yards of flowing fabric.  The wimple is sewn in place.

Lord's Garb is shown with matching doublet and under-tunic.  It is accented by a plumed cap.

Patterns and similar garments are available through Rozani Designs by mail order. Just ask for me (Rozani) and I'll be glad to provide further information. or 1(800)393-4272