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Good morrow, travellers! May this costuming knowledge serve you well as you partake of the merriment and festivities that Renaissance Faires have to offer. Throughout these pages, you wil find links and resources to prepare you for your journey.

What do you wear when you go to the faire?
Perhaps a tunic and a cape?
A ladies' veil with neckline drape.
Or bodice laced to tightly form.
These garment wares are quite the norm.

Rozani's Rules of Garb
Dressing for comfort and practicality allows for freedom of movement and digestion of food. If you are not part of the cast of performers and would like to walk the grounds and dine in comfort, do not wear tightly fitted garments, flailing implements, or impractical footwear.

Appearance: Try to look as period as possible by not wearing tennis shoes or wrist watches with your garb. Begin a basic wardrobe with a simple tunic and a skirt or leggings, depending on your gender. You can build the rest of your outfit from there. Faires have a variety of vendors who will be glad to sell you garments and accessories.