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Welcome good gentles to my humble habitat of dragons and creatures of fantasy.   I invite you to browse these specialties inspired from folklore and my imagination.  Suited for revelry and pleasant pastimes, these designs readily adapt to the lifestyles of the Middle Ages with a contemporary twist.  Inquiries and purchases are graciously welcomed via e-mail .

The Process   Each are original works by my hand (Rozani) and are formed without the use of molds.  It is through the process of pâpier maché that the shapes are created.   Recycled paper pulp and strips are combined with liquid starch and finger pressed into various forms.  Color is applied by means of acrylic paint or colored paper.

The Green Dragon Project:  We're recycling through art education.  Specifically,  individuals learn to earn by making and selling green dragons.  Eco-green, that is.  Rozani Designs maintains a hands-on classroom facility for educating individuals about self sufficiency through art. Using the pâpier maché technique described above, students learn how to create and market their work.  Proceeds from dragon sales below keep the project going.  There is no affiliation to any other Green Dragon Project.


The Lair


From Recycled containers

Pumpkin Dragon      Speckles      Flagon Dragon Golden Gazer Flagon Dragon Pendragon

Helm Crest Beasties

Knot Dragons $50.00  (In Stock) Soft Ball Size $75.00  (In Stock) $50.00 (In Stock)   $25.00  $150 - $300
Ball Point Pen Varieties e-mail for details
(Know Ye - Flagon Dragons enjoy  a good revel  and are partial to wine.)


Assorted Designs for Faire and Festivities


Range 3" - 4"


Tree Folk



Assorted Sizes and Prices vary upon styles.

Plain also available.








(S)$35.00 ea. (L)$60.00 Wee Tree  
$35.00 (In Stock)
Inquiries Request Price List


 Ranging  in price according to sizes and quantities.  Discounts by the dozen for everyone.  

Renaissance and SCA Merchants -  Please inquire about wholesale orders and Assorted Samples.  

Shipping 1  week for stocked items within U.S.  Shipped via Priorty Mail, unless otherwise specified.  Custom items take longer.  Fee is $5.00 for 2 lbs. and under.  Over 2 lbs. ($10.00) flat rate.  

 PURCHASES Order individually (use button) or by quantity (contact me).  I accept checks and Paypal, the preferred method of payment for charge cards.  I pray thee, do not e-mail your card number to me, as there be bandits in hyperspace.  Please contact me for mailing address.  Alas, there is yet no dragon wagon for check out.

WORKSHOPS -  Learn to design your very own dragon.   workshops are held every month online or by appointment  (Enterprise, AL).  Inquiries welcomed.  Pre-Register Here 

  Proceeds benefit The Green Dragon Project.



In Service, Lady Rozani (Rozani Navas-Smith)


Dragon Links 

Dan the Monster Man  (Gourmet Paper Mache)- Awesome dragons, how-to books and more!  Dan Reeder is an extraordinary artist who brings dragons to life through his paper maché sculpture.  He shares his techniques with explicit detail.  A must see for dragon enthusiasts.

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