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Masquerade and Costumes through the Ages

PLEASE NOTE:  This website is under re-construction.  I will not be offering any custom costuming in person or online.  However, please enjoy the free information and links that will remain for your entertainment and education.

Welcome to my wonderful world of masquerade and costuming.  I am Rozani Navas-Smith.  Feel free to preview samples from my mask making (MASKS Link Above& Below) and costume collections.  Here you will find representations of garments and accessories worn from some of the earliest time periods in history, including, but not limited to inspirations from styles of the 19th. century. These are original designs which reflect the lifestyles of the times and are not replicas or exact reproductions. Designed for the purpose of comfort and function, these costumes and accessory styles will add authenticity to special events and productions.  These are my specialties.  I do not copy or reproduce other copyrighted designs.  I hope they will inspire your imagination and help you with costuming ideas.

 Featuring garb and masks that are independently designed and made for Renaissance Faire Goers, Organizations, Performers and Events.  Timelines include Early Period through Victorian.  Original costumes and masks are my exclusive designs.  Mask making workshops can be arranged upon request.

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I offer several types of workshops and tutorials Online only at this time until further notice.   Some topics and instruction can also be customized by contacting me (Rozani) at [email protected]  Please reference "Workshops/Tutorials" in the subject line.  Also, please visit my You Tube channel (Rozani Designs Masquerade) for future reference on my mask making and Papier Mache.


Mask Making Workshops  are available for individuals or groups at different price ranges.  I offer Free videos on my You Tube channel.  Classes include hands-on mask making advanced techniques from start to finish.  Great for students, performers and supporters of the arts.  

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Selection - You may browse from the topic links below as well as additional links to outside resources. These links will show some examples and descriptions of my work. Specific garment requests and price list inquiries will be personally answered via e-mail. This is not a catalog, though feel free to use it as a guide to your period costuming needs. Please check out my links to sources and resources.  Thank you.

Historic Era  Styled Garment Ideas

My Hobby:  These historic garments reflect styles worn by past generations of people through the ages. They are made as closely to authenticity as supplies will allow. Styles are adaptable to various datelines within an era and range from Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance to Colonial and Victorian. The garment pieces easily adapt to create garments for the commoner and peasantry, as well as upper classes and nobility. Textiles and color, as well as ornamentation, inspire me to transform the drab to delightful.

Design and Construction - Costume designs are sketched and hand-drafted into patterns. Sizing and fitting are determined on dress forms by means of a muslin sample. The muslin is then used as a template for the pattern . The pattern is placed upon the cloth and cut. The final garments are sewn by domestic sewing machines and finishing touches are added by hand.

These are examples of garments that I have created in the past.  I hope that they will give you an idea of what could be worn for different presentations, events and/or just for fun.

The following links will assist you with viewing some of my creations. Please keep in mind that these are not off-the-rack costumes. Additional links will direct you to my supplies for mask making and costume accessorizing.  PLEASE REPORT ANY BROKEN LINKS.  There may be inaccuracies in festival information since many have closed due to COVID restrictions.

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All images and contents are the property and copyright of Rozani Designs 2021.  Please ask for permission to use for any purpose.