Rozani's Papier Maché


Billy Lindsay, Jr. - Please check out Billy's interesting sculpture. Whether creatures, garden gnomes or movie stars, this site expresses Billy's creative knack for mixing media.. There are whimsical and uncommon examples of his papier mache, as well as other media used in his sculpture.

Carolyn Bispels - Papier Mache & More Personalized Gift Ideas is a new website showing Carolyn's talents in the art of papier mache and italic script calligraphy. Check out her detailed tribal masks, as well as whimsical figurines. - You've gotta see this! Steven Wirtz creates incredible sculpture. This is the kind of stuff that will make you laugh out loud! There is exceptional whimsy in every piece, especially the dogs. Check out the playfullness that he adds to these wonderful works of art.

Copper Fox - Here you will find the papier machtalents of Lynnie OBrien. This is extraordinary mache animal sculpture with added whimsy from the past. Lynne preserves a look from toys of olde in several of her pieces. Dollmakers will absolutely adore them. - Attention mask crafters. This site has resources and links used by papier maché artists and other artisans. Great to browse for suppliers and decorative papers, paints, etc.

Darkside Creations Darkside Creations - Check out Jonty's creative, step-by-step site.  Awesome and educational too!  From beads to dragons, you name it, he creates it.

Dragonry Designs - Rozani's site for dragons and such.  Great for Faire and SCA events.  Enter the lair where you will find feasting companions such as Flagon Dragons and WeeTree Folk.

Dan the Monster Man  (Gourmet Paper Mache)- Awesome dragons, how-to books and more!  Dan Reeder is an extraordinary artist who brings dragons to life through his paper maché sculpture.  He shares his techniques with explicit detail.  A must see for dragon enthusiasts.

Dorset Ooser (Link Broken) - Mask of folklore worn in the UK. Images and history. 

Driftwood Dreams - Anita Russell's papier maché colorful sculpture covers a broad range.  Choices vary from cultural folklore and fantasy to animals and sea life, just to name a few.  Her clever pieces are mounted on driftwood for that natural touch.  If you are searching for faeries or angels, mermaids or monsters, this maybe the place to shop.  She also accepts commissioned work. 

Fantasy Guild Studios - Yet another awsome leather mask maker of fantasy creations extraordinary. Fanciful artforms depicting themes one can only leave to Larry's unique imagination. Experience an interpretive approach to drama masks and performance artistry. This intriguing masquerade technique captivates the unsuspecting viewer. - Please check out these wonderful artistic masks by Marco Colla from Sardinia, Italy. All of his masks are uniquely made with a mouldable paste consisting of macerated paper, vinylic glue, chalk powder, wall paper glue and linseed oil. These masks include horror and satire. Though in Italian, just click on the icons to see his work.

Grécha's Papier Maché Art (Off Line)- This cheerful Belgian site features Grécha's whimsical and talented works in progress with great "how-to" images. There are also links to related sites. For those that do not understand the language, the pictures speak for themselves. - This work is beyond description. Artist, Ethel Mezei incorporates body and motion with ladies from the ocean. Please check out these mermaids in their remarkable splendor, as well as her other pieces.

Maria Avila - Please check out the talents of this Brazilian artist.  Her works include figurines, bowls and other art pieces.

Maskmakers Web - This is the ultimate mask site! A must see for mask enthusiasts. Check out masks from talented artists all over the world. Beautiful images, references, links and a forum. Graciously hosted by Helge and Susan, this site's home base is in Denmark.

MasksHQ - Everything Masks.  Check out the links to sources from mask makers around the world.  From artists to galleries, this site is great when shopping or researching masks. (Site Owner,where are you?  Please contact me!)

Monique Robert Studios  Stunningly realistic and fantastically whimsical sculptures are the hallmarks of Canadian papier maché artist Monique Robert. Combining her talents as an  illustrator, painter and sculptor, and her uncanny sense of anatomy, her creations are breathtakingly beautiful and life-like.

PupArt - (Formerly known as PMFun) Dog gone! Make no bones about it; this is a pup lover's paradise with a papier mache twist. Moderated by Bonnie Warnock, her passion for puppies is surpassed only by her sculpture. Enjoy the many breeds of cute canines which have been immortalized through her loving touch and papier mache technique. From galleries to discussions, this is where you can get your questions answered. Bonnie's chihuahua sculpture will raise the question "Is it real or Papier Mache?". Oh my, you'll just have to go there and see for yourself. Ever seen a dog mannequin or a cash cow? Check out Original Paper Mache Art by Bonnie

Paper Mache Sculpture by JC - Another great site of whimsy and artistic talent. Fantastic sculptures bring animal caricatures to life. From storks to flying pigs....well, you'll just have to check out James Carter's site. - Once more, another neat site appears on the web. Direct from the UK, the talents of Jackie will surely delight and encourage the artist within. Check out Jackie's talented and colorful array of mache' creations. Visit the delightful members' galleries, as well as dropping in on the discussion forum. Join in and share ideas with an international group of members.

Rochon Sculpture- This unique papier mache sculpture is fun and whimsical, as well as a truly creative freedom of expression. His wonderful life-sized dragons will surely catch your attention. Louie's passion for his art is reflected in these pieces which make their own special statements.

Shelly Shaffer - Please check out this talented emerging artist's whimsical avion art.  Bird is the word and it's papier maché.  Her colorful and  friendly flock will make you smile.

SCULPTURES by TERRY BISHOP - Terry's whimsical figurines are great for gift giving. This pulp art is presented in various styles. Terry has lots of talent to share and also a bulletin board for discussion. Great for collectors and mache´ enthusiasts.

The Merchant of Venice - Leather mask making artistry of Cheryl Mandus with a European flair beyond description. Spectacular!

Wendy's Wonderland - Check out these terrific maché creations from the talented hands of Wendy Milliman. These sculptures will catch your attention and captivate your curiosity.


Resources: I normally do not list suppliers, but thought these resources may be of special interest.

 Art Supplies HQ: categorized resource directory for everything about art supplies.  (See Lee's Art Supplies) for additional links.

Natural Craft Supply- This is a resource for natural craft supplies which could be incorporated into fiber art related maché sculpture. Artists can check out their varied inventory for natural ways to enhance their works. Whether it's twine, paper, or another natural product, this site may be able to help. Inquiries are welcomed. You may want to test their Rice Starch or Wheat Paste as well.