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Welcome to this page of fun and festivity which celebrates one of the oldest art forms in history; the art of papier mache´. From its earliest roots in China to European applications, it has proven to be durable, as well as decorative, throughout history. Be it pulp and paste or fiber and adhesive, the creative possibilities are limitless.

For many generations, we have seen or experienced the use of objects made with this art form. Many of us remember making or breaking piñatas which were used at birthday parties or celebrations. Perhaps you have experienced the great sculpted floats at a Mardi Gras parade or the masqueraders of Carnivale? It goes on and on. From celebrations to solemn occasions, artisans have gone to great lengths in creating wonderous images for function or ornamentation. Cultures have adapted its many uses through the ages since the first organic fibers were introduced to natural adhesives.

There is such a simplicity to the the basic technique, that anyone can complete a project using only two basic ingredients. That's right, just choose an adhesive, such as wall paper paste, flour or starch. Add water to any dry ingredient in order to create a paste. Now, choose a paper product, such as newsprint or brown bags. Find a technique of your own. In this instance, I have chosen paper and liquid starch to achieve the following projects.

Here are some examples of objects made with similar techniques, yet different papers to achieve color variations.



Great Chest - Container made with brown paper bags.


Wall Mask made with brown paper bags & paper towels.


Face mask made with brown paper bags.


Face mask made with silk floral tissue and pine needles.


Pleasant Crescent shaped container made with packing paper.


Face mask made with silk floral tissue over brown paper bag.



(Left) Firecracker Paper

This uniquely layered paper is used for packaging fireworks.  It is naturally green with black undertone.   No paint was used. 

(Right) Texured Paper Towels  painted in acrylic wash.

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Colors in these examples were applied differently. On the first row you will notice the use of acrylics for stain and accents on the Great Chest. The following two pieces are in their natural paper state. On the second row, layered paper is used with the pine mask to achieve blended colors. While my Pleasant Crescent reveals textured facial features accented with acrylics, my Dragon Mask is layered in green silk tissue over natural brown paper. Most pieces have been finished with an enamel.

Rozani Designs is pleased to display these projects and links for your enjoyment and information. Any questions? Feel free to contact me (Rozani) for further information or discussion. 

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This original mask is made of papier maché. 

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Author:   María Retana


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